The Ramadaan Diaries


21 July 2012


We have an early morning, packing grocery parcels. Luckily there are volunteers to help us.

The afternoon is spent buying groceries for our Feed Your Neighbour campaign.

More areas will benefit from food or soup everyday than we could manage last year.

The rice is parboiled for the big pot of food that needs to be cooked tomorrow.


22 July 2012


We made a 100L pot of food and gave it to Mustadafin so they can help people who are in dire need of relief.

We receive a great big donation of legumes and rice! 250 packets in total!


23 July 2012


The mails are rolling in from Eid Sponors who want to be part of our Clothe a child for Eid campaign.

We receive a donation of carrots, potatoes, butternut, tomatoes, parsley and celery! We will use whatever we can to cook a big pot of food this weekend.

24 July 2012



We receive invitations to eat at Wynberg Orphanage and Wynberg Boys’ High School. Wynberg is a really caring community.

We give a pot and gas stove to Garden Village so that the people in the area can be empowered to cook their own food in the evenings.



26 July 2012

We receive a great big donation of daljies for the Garden Village Iftha



28 July 2012

Our HQ is abuzz with helpers and the spirit of giving. There are groups of people everywhere, some are packing parcels, some are cleaning vegetables and chicken and some are taking stock.

The plan is to cook 2 big pots of food- both for Mustadafin. Mustadafin will distribute the food to the most needy communities.