The Ramadaan 2012

This page is dedicated to our busiest month, please have a look at the programmes we are running:


Ramadaan 2012 Programmes

Feed your Neighbour:

While some people are lucky enough to enjoy Ifthaar with their families and have a wide selection of delicacies and food types to choose from, there are others who are not as fortunate. In Ramadaan, we are asked to develop and maintain a spirit of giving and to spare a thought for people who worse off than we are.

The idea behind this campaign is to create awareness about the needy through fundraising in affluent suburbs and appealing to those communities to take care of their “neighbours”.

We will find someone within the poorer communities to cook and co-ordinate distribution of food each evening. We will be responsible for supplying ingredients and anything else the community may require to make things easier for them.


Clothe a child for Eid

Last year this was our most popular campaign. We managed to provide beautiful Eid clothes for  children at places of safety and Childrens’ homes. Our network of friends made sure that Eid was extra special for those kids.

This year, through a joint initiative, we hope to reach even more children.

People have the option of donating a Gift Parcel or an Eid outfit.


Food Parcels

Every weekend we meet to put together food parcels using items we collected during the week or have bought using donations.

If you would like to donate a food parcel it will cost you  R150 and this will take care of a family’s needs.

Alternatively you could donate items that we could use for the parcels.

On the last weekend before Ramadaan, parcels are made up with Eid in mind.


Schools Programme

The FIG Network have linked with high schools in the past in order to develop a social consciousness in the hearts and the minds of the youth.

If your schools would like to host an orphanage for Ifthaar, we will make all the necessary arrangements.