Madiba is well-loved all around the world, but the place where the love is found in the highest concentration is in South Africa. Not only did Madiba change the fate of our country, but he taught us about the long road to freedom. Freedom is not a short cut and can not be achieved through rash decisions and impulse reactions. Rather, it is the result of well-thought out plans, oodles of patience, a huge forgiving heart and a pocket full of winning speeches (which will be broken up later and used as inspirational quotes by the rest of the world). At the FIG Network, Madiba is our hero. He is testament to the fighting spirit of our great nation and embodies all that it means to be a real leader.


On International Madiba day we are challenged to spend 67 minutes serving our community, to symbolise the 67 years Madiba spent serving South Africa. At the FIG Network, we choose to spend our time with the elderly on this day. Last year we joined forces with State Street and served sandwiches and refreshments to them at the Woodstock day hospital while they were waiting for their medication.

This year we are going to the Beit-ul Amaan home for the Aged in Wynberg where we will serve a light supper and spend some quality time with our beloved oldies.  The opportunities that we have today were forged by the groundwork of our forefathers so we must never forget them or fail to respect their contribution.


We hope you will be able to join us at 4.30 on the 18th July 2012,  at Beitul Aman

We will also be visiting a newly established orphanage in Wynberg, so please contact us if you are able to donate.