Happy 2013

Why not be awesome in 2013?


When the FIG Network met in December 2012 to plan the events of 2013, a few key words  were repeated, setting the tone for the year.

1. SOCIAL NETWORKS- We want to be more present on all social networks to keep you informed of our progress. We hope that you will give us feedback on the things you like and the things you would like us to work on.

2. FOCUS- This year we plan to focus our attention on one big project as opposed to many different projects. The reasoning behind this decision is that we were granted funds to carry out a project to improve the condition of Aunty Fatima’s Home in Hanover Park. This project will act as a pilot project and hopefully give us the opportunity to complete similar projects in the future.

3. ACCOUNTABILITY- We hope to increase our visibility and transparency through a new set of systems and procedures as well as a new committee voted in at our most recent AGM (November 2012).

In a way these are our New Years resolutions and we think it helps to tell at least one other person about them. In that way they can remind you when you fall off the wagon. We hope you stay on track with all your 2013 hopes, dreams and goals and we will try to do the same.

If you would like to further your involvement with the FIG Network then please contact us on info@thefignetwork.org.za; we would love to hear from you 