Fig back-to-school party

We trust that you are having a safe and blessed festive season.

It is time for our annual stationery drive. This year we will combine the stationery drive with a back-to-school party on the 14th of JANUARY 2012 for all the orphans and under-resourced children in the FIG programme.

The schools re-open on the 9th January and we would like these children to be as prepared as possible.

Our plan for the FIG Network’s BACK-TO-SCHOOL PARTY is to have a mobile unit (made up of FIGS and FIG volunteers) that travels to each of the orphanages and homes. We will then set up a party and distribute stationery; items that form part of the school uniform as well as party packs.

We would like to remind you that any donation would be greatly valued by the children that benefit from this programme. The following options are available:

a) Donate a school uniform to a child: Please mail and put “Ayesha” in the subject line.

b) Donate a stationery pack to a child: Please mail and put “Kauthar” in the subject line.

c) You may also donate money with the reference “school” to indicate that you intend for your donation to be used for this back-to-school programme.

Bank Name: Al Baraka Bank
Account Name: The Friends In Giving Network
Account Number: 78600047045
Branch Code: 800000
Account Type: Current

d) You may also donate single items or items in bulk. Below is a guideline of the items that they need:
Rulers, Erasers, Mathematic sets, Khokis, Pens, red, black, blue, Pencils, Calculators, Scientific calculators, Sharpeners, A5 hard cover books 32 & 72 page, A4 hardcover books 3 Quire, 2 Quire & 1 Quire, Exercise books A4, 72 pages, Exercise books A5, 48 pages, Flip Files 20 , 30, 50 pages, Pencil bags (long ones), Pencil bags standard size, Tippex, Prestick, Pritt, Wax crayons, Pencil crayons, Brown covers for books, Plastic Covers or rolls for books, Cellotape, Wood glue, Colour cardboard for projects, Colouring in activity books, Lunch boxes, Water bottles, School bags navy blue & black – 18 + 20L, Pre- schooler Backpacks, Highlighters, A4 reams of Photo copy paper.
Please mail and put “Qaanita” in the subject line for information about drop-off points or arranging pickups.

e) If you would like to donate any sweets, treats or savouries, or party packs towards the BACK-TO-SCHOOL PARTY please mail us at and put “Party” in the subject line.

f) If you are available to volunteer please mail with “Malick” in the subject line.

We thank you on behalf of all the beneficiaries of this programme.

The FIG Network Team