About Us

Welcome to the FIG Network’s website

The FIG Network was established in July 2010 by a group of like-minded individuals who hoped to provide relief to various communities in the Western Cape. We have seen a string of successful projects since our inception. But now we have our sights set on the next phase.

When visiting poor communities in the Western Cape it became apparent that there is so much more than can and needs to be done. Besides providing for basic needs, the FIG network would like to move towards making communities self-sufficient. And for this task we call on you.

If you are a professional or have expertise in a field then you are in a position to pay it forward. The simple act of lending your time can mean so much to the less fortunate. Team up with the Fig Network and we will provide you with the platform to impart your skills onto those in need.


Sign up with us and specify you profession or expertise as well as your availability and we will contact you to arrange how the event will take place.

If you are in the dental field, for example, you may be asked to join us at one of our events. Here we will be in charge of distributing foods and other goods, while you will have an opportunity to teach people aboutoral hygiene, good and bad brushing habits and how to floss. You are the expert, you design the programme. Get your friends and peers in the dental profession involved and signed up and we may be able to host the programme every month.

This is just one example but really the formula can be applied to almost all professions.

In exchange for your service, we will showcase your company on our website. This is a form of advertising for you. Your potential clients will be the thrilled that you have a social conscience.
Please have a look around our blog and feel free to comment and join up.